Australian Hearse Manufacturers – Testimonials

“Right from the on-set, Australian Hearse Manufactures not only shared with us their professionalism, but were also willing to listen and consult with Rosedale Funerals. We chose Holden as our base product, because of their innovative style and design. This was a good platform for Rosedale Funerals to develop our vision of what we required in our hearse.

During the building process, Australian Hearse Manufacturers kept us well informed and up-to-date with emailed photos and regular phone calls. This gave us the re-assurance that they had our best interests at heart.

Robyn and I only had one visit to their manufacturing plant and this gave us the confidence that our hearse was not only going to serve our practical needs, but was going to be a distinguished vehicle in our profession.

We greatly appreciate all that Michael, and Ian the Coach Builder, have done to assist us to develop this unique vehicle. The finished product has far exceeded our high expectations. We highly recommend Australian Hearse Manufacturers.”

Gus and Robyn Holla
Owners and Proprietors of
Rosedale Funerals, Mount Gambier, South Australia

Dear Mike

It has been several months now since I picked up our hearse from you and I would just like to say how pleased we are with it. I have purposely not written to you before as I wanted to ensure that my thoughts on your product were not tainted with the excitement of a new acquisition to our fleet.

The hearse that you designed for us would have to be the easiest hearse that I have ever used. The side cargo doors which open upwards are fantastic, as now we can almost park against the kerb and still have access to the contents of the cargo compartment from both sides. Furthermore the concealed drawer at the back of the hearse has made life so much easier. Now there is no need to fumble around the cargo compartment for umbrellas, grave bearers, sand, hand lowering straps and the numerous other things that are occasionally need on a funeral.

Furthermore, the spot lights that illuminate the coffin at night time have certainly struck a chord with the Polynesian community. I have to admit that the sight of a coffin draped with lace and flowers beautifully lit up is a traffic stopper. On at least 3 occasions I have had other vehicles slow down beside our hearse to look in wonder and read the name of our company.

Mike, I have to congratulate you and your talented staff who have taken a fresh look at the Funeral Industry, listened to the people who actually have to use the vehicle and developed a hearse that is user friendly, impressive and an asset to our company.

If any of your future customers would like to talk to me about our hearse or your workmanship please ask them to call Ashley on 07 3261 8222

Ashley Bergh


Australian Academy funerals and Polynesian Funerals